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October 2015

Compassion Fatigue, Just the Beginning

I think I reached compassion fatigue about 10 years ago. It is exhausting to continue to be asked to show compassion for illegal aliens, third world refugees, asylees, and dreamers. And all at the expense of my fellow Americans.

Compassion fatigue, absolutely. Now let’s add to that. Americans now suffer from tolerance fatigue, grievance fatigue, understanding fatigue, accommodation fatigue, and denial fatigue.

We suffer from forgiveness fatigue for Muslims who are confused about our laws and values, Africans who are confused about our law and values, Mexicans who are confused about our laws and values, Central Americans who are confused about our laws and values, Asians who are confused about our laws and values and on, and on and on.

There are more than 94,000,000 American unemployed. The left, the right and their cronies from U.S. Chamber of Commerce, big meat, big business all want to declare those who resist being complicit in this country’s demise a bad, maybe evil, uncaring, racist, monster, for believing that it is OK, even desirable to want to provide for our fellow Americans first.

What we now have is a non-mutual symbiotic relationship between groups, where one group, the parasite, benefits at the expense of the other, the host. Western civilization may be terminal if we do not reconsider that these constructs ultimately benefit neither the giver nor the receiver.


Is North Idaho Refugee Resettlement Really off the Table?

Read this post from the wonderful Ann Corcoran’s Refugee Resettlement Watch site:

Well, that was a very lawyerish statement from Director Mark Kadel of World Relief, Spokane. He doesn’t say that World Relief won’t resettle refugees in Northern Idaho but just that “our resettlement office has no plans to resettle refugees in Idaho”.  Did he mean in Northern Idaho because World Relief is already in Idaho and settling refugees in south: World Relief Boise, 6702 Fairview Ave Boise, ID 83704

Also, Mr. Kadel states that “We are below capacity in Spokane and would have no need to extend resettlement across the State line”.  If that is the case, please explain the request for support from CDA placed in a local church, is he laying a little pipe?

“World Relief has been helping refugees settle in Spokane and would like to involve Coeur d’Alene as well. If you are interested in  learning more about how you could be involved in such a ministry, please see . . .”

His statement does not preclude another resettlement agency coming to Northern Idaho.  Lots of confusing information at this point, lots of questions, still not a lot of answers.

And one last comment.  World Relief is busy commenting on the Republican primary.  Is that part of their mission, political activity?

Well, another last thing.  Please go to their website, link below.  If you click on the “About” drop down you see their manifesto, not joking!

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